10 Tips to Help Prevent Summer Heat Rash

If you work out in a humid, hot environment, you’ve probably had heat rash at some point.  During the summer months,  heat rash can be an issue for people who exercise. But what exactly is heat rash and what can you do to avoid it?

Heat rash is a generic term for a variety of skin problems that are caused (or worsened) from heat exposure or overheating. Some people know this condition as hives, prickly heat or miliaria. You sweat, it gets trapped in the skin, you get inflammation and start getting itchy around your sweat pores. That’s usually about it; nothing too dramatic, although it’s annoying.

Is it inevitable that you’ll get heat rash if you’re working out in the heat this summer? No, especially if you take a few precautionary steps to prevent it from occurring.

  1. Dress lightly – loose cotton or linen, sleeveless and as short as possible while remaining respectable
  2. Keep your skin cool and dry – wipe down often during your workout with a clean towel
  3. Work out in the early or late day
  4. Avoid using creams and lotion on your skin
  5. Keep your sleeping area cool and dry
  6. Apply a cold compress to the affected area
  7. Shower as soon as possible after your workout
  8. Use non-drying soap
  9. Rinse with cool water after a warm shower
  10. Rinse sunscreen off after coming out of the sun

By implementing these small changes, you can confidently continue to follow your workout schedule during the hottest, stickiest time of year. So go ahead, get steamy and sweaty. Then rinse and repeat!

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